My life is such a mess

My life has been such a mess since I came back to Finland and I haven’t had time to relax. So stressful and awful times.

Have you ever been to a funeral? Or arranged it? This was my first time in funeral and unfortunately I was arranging it with my mom and brother. Not so nice to be in funeral for the first time ever and it’s your dad’s funeral. But shit happens and life goes on. He died when I was visiting my friends and family in Finland in May. I had to go back to Spain to finish my courses and do the final exams. It was really, really hard for me. I had to concentrate on studying even though I just wanted to fly back to Finland. But luckily I passed all the exams and I’m so grateful that I have so many wonderful people in my life who have been supporting me the whole time! ❤


I still haven’t moved all my stuff to my new apartment, half of things are still packed at my mom’s house. I just don’t have time. Basically I spend all my free time arranging things. I’m also working the whole summer and actually I’m gonna start my internship in July in Hotel Indigo. So then I’ll have even less free time. But it is what it is and I’m exited to start the internship! 🙂

I didn’t work on midsummer (Juhannus) and I went to RMJ (Raumanmeren Juhannus) with my friends and all the artists were so good!  The best midsummer ever! 🙂 David Guetta, Inna, Jason Derulo, Knife Party, Robin, Antti Tuisku, Loona… After the weekend I decided to go to Weekend Festival in August! 🙂



PS. I love my friends and Finland! ❤



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