Road trip

Me and my flat mates decided in February that we’d like to go to a road trip, and now it’s done! We have almost 2,5 weeks holiday! Destinations: Nerja (2 nights), Málaga (day trip), Fuengirola (day trip), Marbella (2 nights), Gibraltar (day trip) and finally Granada including Alhambra (1 night).


Our car, María

We named our car María and she is brand new! There were only 8 km in the meter and now there’s 1500 km! So yeah, we drove a lot! We rented her from RecordGo, because it was the cheapest option. We paid about 200 € for 6 days. The car wasn’t expensive, but we took full insurance and one additional driver, and we also had to pay more because we are young drivers. The age limit is 25, I guess.




Actually we were planning to stay in Málaga, but the accommodation was so expensive, so we stayed in Nerja, which is a small town near Málaga. I really loved Nerja, I think because it’s so small and all the prices were so cheap. You can find a pasta portion which costs 3 € and there are many restaurants. I was actually a little bit surprised that the prices were so cheap, even though it’s Semana Santa. There were parades every evening. The view from the balcony of Europe was amazing! I prefer a mountain view or a forest view, but I’ve started to like ocean views a lot! Hahaha maybe because the ocean view is so much better in Spain than in Finland. xD



The city is quite big and we spent a couple of hours on the beach, because the weather was so nice and warm. This was the first time I was sunbathing on the beach during my exchange. The weather in Alicante hasn’t been that warm yet, but when we go back home, it’s going to be.



I’ve never been in this famous holiday place which Finnish people love, Fuengirola! It’s like a small Finland because you can speak Finnish in many many places, in restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, law offices etc. Literally everywhere. They also sell Finnish products in some restaurants, cafes and grocery stores. We didn’t spend that much time in Fuengirola, because we didn’t want to see that many Finnish people. xD I would never go there to spend my vacation. But my cousin is actually going to Fuengirola for her internship so I have to go to Fuengirola again… 😀 She’s going to work in Norris (see the picture).




We chose an accommodation (the whole apartment) from AirBnb and that was the first time I used it. The apartment was located near the center of Marbella and we also had a pool! So cool! But we were a little bit disappointed because there was nothing in the city center… All the people were at Puerto Banús (the port). It’s like the place for the rich people and we could see it. 😀 There were so many luxury yachts and cars. I think that there were more tourists, just like us, because everyone wants to see the “lifestyle of the rich people”. If I travel to Marbella again, I’ll book a hotel in Puerto Banús. Only downside was that everything there was expensive compared to other cities in Spain. The food dishes are at the same prices as in Finland. Now I’ve used to low prices so it felt a little bit expensive.




Gibraltar is not a part of Spain, it belongs to the United Kingdom and so we had to show our passports at the gate. They won’t let you in unless you have your original passport, a copy is not enough. First we parked our car and then just walked around the city. There is a small airport and the planes land where is a road for cars, so the traffic must be stopped every time a plane departures or lands. We could see and hear the planes clearly. In the morning the weather was a little bit cloudy, so we were worried about the view from the mountain/rock. We bought round-trip tickets to the cable car (10 £ so about 17 €) and went up. Fortunately the clouds went away and it was sunny, we could see Africa (Morocco). 🙂 I really recommend Gibraltar at least once in a life time. There were monkeys and the view was amazing, but scary because I’m afraid of heights.



I have been in La Alhambra twice already, so I didn’t go to there, but the others did. We arrived there from Marbella about 12 AM or 1 PM and the tickets for that day were sold out. I remember when we were there last time and the guide told us that you really have to be early there if you want to get in, because they have a limited number of visitors per day. I’m not surprised, because La Alhambra is the most visited historical/cultural tourist attraction in Europe (that’s what the guide said). So we just walked around the city and in the evening made some tapas. Yummy! The next day the others woke up before 7 AM and drove to La Alhambra, but the tickets to the palace were already sold out… So they went to the Garden, which is also nice. Some people are going there at 4 AM to line up, so they get the tickets… That’s crazy!

This road trip was the best I’ve ever made! Good destinations, the best company! 😉 But now I’m already thinking my next trip, which starts already tomorrow, on Thursday. First I’m flying to Barcelona and meet Oskari there and then Kirsi and I travel to Rome.

Ps. I love traveling!



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