Me and my friend Jonna traveled to Madrid and spent there 3 nights. We took a train and the journey was about 2,5 hours. It was quite expensive (45,45 € one way!) and before we bought the train tickets, we also considered taking BlaBla Car (about 30 € one way), but in my opinion the train is more convenient – and faster. We had booked a hotel, which was located in the center and the location couldn’t be any better! All the shops, metro stations, restaurants, bars and tourist sites were in a walking distance. I would recommend this hotel Praktik Metropol (, but at the moment there are some constructions going on and you can’t see the beautiful view from the window. We had booked an exterior room (which was a little bit more expensive) and we didn’t see anything so we asked if they could do something. We spent the first night in the room which was given to us, but they were nice and changed the room for the two other nights. We got a room on the highest floor, 9, and the receptionist said that this is the only room where the construction doesn’t effect. We were so happy! But of course there was a small problem as well… When I took a shower, the water was floating a little bit on the floor because the drain didn’t work properly. I told about that to the receptionist, but he said that a plumber can come on Sunday so… He said that we could change the room again, but they only have interior rooms so we decided to stay in the exterior room, because the drain was still working somehow.

I loved the design in the rooms and in the reception. They don’t offer breakfast, but there is a possibility to buy a breakfast voucher to the restaurant next to the hotel (Tapa Tapa). We wanted to try the breakfast and it was 5,90 € per person. It wasn’t worth it… It included only a small sandwich, coffee, juice and a croissant (you could also choose something else). The other morning we went to Carrefour Express and bought our own breakfast and ate it in the hotel lobby. So much better!


So this was our own breakfast. So much better and almost the same price as in TapaTapa.

I was so exhausted on Thursday when we arrived to Madrid, because I had been in school in the morning. But I wanted to see my friends, who are living in Madrid. The other is doing her exchange semester in university and the other is here with her boyfriend, who is doing his exchange there as well. And now comes the fun part 😀 Silva has read Riikka’s blog and suggested if she would like to meet. So they met for the first time on Thursday afternoon and were talking about that I’m coming to Madrid and then they realized that they both know me xD Hahahah the world is so small! So we met again in the evening and had some tapas and beer in a popular tapas place called El Tigre. After that we went to Copas (popular bar near our hotel and Puerta del Sol), but I left after one Tinto de Verano, because I was so tired. They were partying till the morning! 😀


On Friday we decided to walk around and see the most important tourist attractions and sites. First things first – Tour Bernabeu! We took the subway to Real Madrid stadium and paid 19 € per person to get in there. It was totally worth it! The building itself is huge and very impressive. We both play soccer in a same team in Finland, so of course the tour was obligatory and now we can brag about that to our team mates. 😀 I’m traveling to Barcelona in the end of March and I’m definitely going to Camp Nou as well.

We spent 2 hours in the stadium and the needed some foooood! It was Friday so it was logical to have a lunch in a restaurant “TGI Friday” 😀 Not so healthy but… Girls gotta eat!

My friend told me that there is a free entry to Palacio Real de Madrid on Friday from 4PM to 6PM, so we went there. The palace was amazing and I could have paid to get in there! If you go to Madrid, you should definitely go there!

There was a long queue to the Palace.


Near the Palace there is Templo de Debod. It’s some kind of a temple in the park of Templo de Debod. I’ve heard that the place is very beautiful when the sun goes down. But actually the place wasn’t that interesting or beautiful, but it might be in the summer.


Saturday was a shopping day! There are some shopping malls in Madrid, but we would have taken a subway to go there, so we decided to just stay in the main shopping area (Gran Vía street and the streets nearby). One must-to-see shopping place is 5-storage high Primark. It was so huge that I didn’t know where to start 😀 I ended up buying only one jacket. I could have bought more, but I want to spend my money on traveling (or on shoes) instead of shopping clothes.

My birthday was 13th of February and Jonna wasn’t here then, so we celebrated my birthday now. Jonna chose a restaurant “Public” and it was a perfect choice! There were people outside of the restaurant and we had to wait for the table for 15 minutes. The food was good and the prices weren’t high at all!

The last day I went to Prado, even though I’m not that interested in art of history. The entrance is free for students, so why not spend some time there? Prado is one of the most famous museums in Europe so the art collection was nice to see.

The last site was the Cristal Palace (Palacio Cristal) and Retiro Park. There weren’t leaves on the trees, so the place is so much beautiful in the summer, I think. But definitely worth visiting any time of the year!

Ps. I love Madrid! ♥




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