Charity Running & Hiking

On 13th of March there was a charity running  event in Alicante. Me and my flatmates decided to take part in this event and we ran 5 km. The event was free of charge and we got pink T-shirts! ❤ After the run there were some activities: aerobic, dance and Body Balance. It was so much fun! #SuperaciónRosa


I also downloaded some videos in Vimeo, check them out! 😉 The password is Alicante-2016

My parents and my friend came to Alicante and we went hiking to Serra Gelada Natural Park, where I’ve already been once. We found a new route and it was a lot more difficult. Two kilometers up and two kilometers down, what a work out! But it was worth it, because the view from on top of the mountain was amazing! We were 438 meters above the sea level and the day was perfect and we took awesome pictures. 🙂


Yes, there is WiFi available! 😀


I really recommend this place! And because I have been so active, I rewarded myself with 3 pairs of shoes! We went to a shoe factory in Elche (Salvador Artesano). Omg, I have been here in Spain for 8 weeks and I’ve bought 8 pairs of shoes… But the shoes are so cheap in Spain! Really!


PS. I love shoes! ♥

And hey, here are some pictures from my parents’ apartment and Orihuela Costa (Torrevieja).


Ocean view from the balcony




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