Granada & Alhambra

Some food problems

Me and Anna had booked a trip to Granada 19.-21.2., offered by the language center in the University. It was quite expensive, 175 € and it included the transportation, accommodation (2 nights in a 4-star hotel Abba, tickets to Alhambra and guided tour, which lasted 3 hours. I have been in Alhambra once before when I was studying in the high school and that trip was organized by the teacher/school. It was about 7 years ago so it was nice to go there again. 🙂

The hotel was good, but the location could have been a little bit better. It takes about 20 minutes walking to the city center. We left on Friday and we had the tour in Alhambra on Saturday. We had the opportunity to choose which language do we want, there was one group in English and one group in Spanish. Well we chose the one in Spanish, of course, because we want to learn the language! The guided tour was okay, but for me it was a little bit too long and I’m not that interested in the history of the buildings and pieces of art. But the guide was very nice and she spoke Spanish very clearly so everybody understood what she was talking about.

20160219_211622After the tour we headed to the city center and had free time. We had looked beforehand one restaurant in Tripadvisor, which had very good reviews. But when we got there it was a small shop where you can buy food ingredients and also some take-away pasta. And we didn’t see anybody inside… So we went to some restaurant near, and it was okay. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant. I ordered gnocchi with salmon. It was okay, but it didn’t look so good. 😀 They were serving it on a pizza plate… Anna ordered some other gnocchi dish and it was better.

Then we walked to a view point, Mirador de San Nicolás, and the view was amazing. We saw the whole Alhambra and the city of Granada. We went to a restaurant and drank Tinto de Verano, which is like Finnish lonkero.


Granada is famous of its tapas. We met some friends, because they were also in Granada, but only one night and they made their trip by themselves. So we decided to try the famous tapas. We looked a tapas restaurant in Tripadvisor and the place has very good reviews. We walked there about 10 minutes and when we got there, it was a huge disappointment. The restaurant was small and it didn’t look like a tapas place, it looked like a bar, because nobody was eating, only drinking. So we didn’t go there and headed back to the center. There is one street full of tapas places and we went to one restaurant, because there were seats available inside. Many restaurants have seats outside, but it was a little bit cold, so we wanted to eat inside. Outside of this restaurants there were big signs with the text ”tapas”. But when we looked at the menu, there were only expensive dishes and not tapas. Well, not that kind of tapas we were looking for. One tapas was about 10 € and I don’t know how big it would have been. Because in Lizarran (the best tapas place in Spain) they have small tapas and one is 1,50 – 1,90 € and the idea is to taste many different tapas.

We didn’t order anything, we just left and looked at Tripadvisor and went to a famous tapas place called La Buena Vida ( I don’t understand why that place has such good reviews… First of all, the place is very small and it was full of people. First we couldn’t go in because there was no room for us. After a while many people left so we went in, but there were only 8 chairs all together! WHAT?! The tables were like bar tables so you can stand, but who wants to stand and eat? We got two chairs, so two of us stood for a while until we got two chairs more when people left. If you order a drink, one tapa is free. I was so disappointed with the food they served. It was junk food and I could do better tapas at home.


I don’t understand why people say that Granada is famous for its tapas, because we were also looking other tapas places and the tapas lists were poor and there weren’t that many options. So we Googled if there is a Lizarran restaurant in Granada and there was one, according to Google. It was about 15 minutes walk, but we wanted some good tapas so we walked there. When we got there, we didn’t see Lizarran and there was some other place in the same address. So I think there has been one, but not anymore. We were so hungry and angry so we went back to the hotel. We had seen many times that there is a queue to Domino’s Pizza, which is near to our hotel so we though that it must be good. We ordered pizzas and ate them in our hotel room. I don’t know why people are queuing there… Yeah, the pizza was good, but not that special. Spanish people are crazy. ♦



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