Buddy program & Birthday

20160131_171158In the last post I promised to tell you about this buddy program they have in the University of Alicante. It’s good for both, the international student and the local Spanish student. I wrote my information (name, nationality, degree program, hobbies etc.) in an application form and the local students do that as well, if they want to. This is totally voluntary, but in my opinion is the greatest idea ever! We should also have this program in our school in Finland (well we do have some kind of tutor program, but it’s not the same). Then the organization (AEGEE) chooses one buddy for each exchange student and they can meet. The purpose of this program is that the local student can help the exchange student in everything, for example opening a bank account, getting a Spanish telephone number, recommend good restaurants and overall tell about the Spanish culture and habits. For exchange, the local student can improve his/her English, because here in Spain the people don’t speak good English.

One or two days after submitting the application form I got an e-mail, which included the contact information of my buddy. She is very nice and we met near my home and had some tee and a piece of cake. Later that day I also met her friends who like to watch football. We ate tapas and drank beer when we were watching Real Madrid’s game. They were also very nice, even though they don’t speak that much English and I don’t speak that much Spanish. 😀 But my buddy speaks very good English, so she translated when needed. 🙂 I’m going to see her again this week.


My birthday was 13th of February and I turned 24! OMG I’m old! XD I had booked a room escape game for me and my friends. There are two room escape companies I found in Alicante and I chose The X-Door Alicante (http://www.thexdooralicante.com/en/things-to-do-in-alicante/), because there were better times available. But I’m definitely going to try that other room escape, XCapate, as well (http://xcapate.com/en/). I have been in four or five different escape rooms in Helsinki and I liked them very much! The main idea is that a team of 2-6 people goes to a room and tries to get out in 60 minutes. There are locks, which must be opened by using your brain and reading the clues. I think 2 people in a team is not enough and 6 people are too much. The best number of players is 4-5, in my opinion. The room escape games are very cheap in Spain. One game costs 50 € per one team, so only 10 € per person! In Finland one game can be 150 €… But yeah, that game was quite logical, but we had some problems. The people who work there are looking at you all the time in a surveillance camera and they will give you clues if you get stuck. Because the main idea is to have fun! 🙂 There were 4 Finnish girls and one German girl in our team, so at times it was a little bit difficult when you had to speak English all the time. Of course it would have been easier if you could use your own language, but it’s good because I have to practice my English as well. 🙂 We got out after 55 minutes and that was the first time I got out! We had such a great team! 😉


Screenshot_2016-02-13-22-02-20After the game I went home and got ready for the night. All my roommates were there and also one of my roommate’s boyfriend and another roommate’s friend. So they had prepared a surprise for me! I had no idea! 😀 I thought that we were just going to eat and then to a club. But they had bought a chocolate cake and a birthday string. We ate the cake and went to Lizarran, the best tapas place in Spain! Then we went to our hangout bar, Austin. A bottle of wine costs 10 € and one glass 2,50 €. Two girls from Norwegian also joined us and after having some wine we headed to the club. There are club promoters on the streets and they give you a bracelet for free. With that bracelet you can enter the club for free before some specific time. We had to enter the club before 4 AM ! ! ! Actually we had to run there, because we spent some time at home before going there. That was the first time we went to club and it was really good! We stayed there till 5:30 am just dancing and having fun. When I left, there were many people still partying and I think the club close at 8 am. I don’t have energy enough to stay awake, but I think it was an accomplishment that I stayed there till the small hours. ;D






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