Valencia, tapas, carnival & soccer


Me and my roommates decided to go to Valencia, which is located quite near Alicante (about 160 km to the north). We have heard about this Bla Bla Car, which is a website ( where you can offer a ride and you can decide the price by yourself. So we were looking for a ride from Alicante to Valencia and it was only 9 € per person. It was about 2,5 hours, because we picked up other people as well from different locations. We got back by train, because it’s faster and the tickets were about 16-18 €, so they weren’t that expensive either.

We went to see the city center, Oceanografic and Malvarrosa beach. I also met my friend from Finland and it’s 4 years since I saw her, when we used to work in the same company in Helsinki. We stayed in Valencia only one night and we booked a cheap hostel called ”Quart Youth Hostel” ( It was cheap and very nice, I’d recommend it! About 10 minutes from the city center. The only negative thing was the location, because the streets behind the hostel were very scary and there were suspicious people looking at you behind the corner. When we got back to the hostel in the evening, we had to take another, longer way because we were so scared. My friend told me that Valencia is very safe city, but I think that area wasn’t.20160129_164741.jpg

The impression that I got was that Valencia is a huge city compared to Alicante and a little bit more expensive as well (food etc.). We had to take a taxi to the Oceanografic and to the beach, because of the long distance. I’m glad that I live in Alicante, everything is so near! ♥ But I only saw a small piece of Valencia, so I have to go there again. 🙂 I also tasted a small piece of Valencia, because the city is famous for its paella. It includes chicken and rabbit, but we left the rabbit out. But it was delicious!

I love many things in Spain and one of them is definitely tapas. I have heard about tapas, but never tasted them before I came here and I actually thought they were something specific food, but no, it’s just a small piece of food, normally some meat and/or vegetables on top of a piece of bread. My favorite is ”tapa y caña”, which means one tapa + a small beer, total 1,50 €. 😀 It’s very cheap here, I’m used to high prices in Finland. My favorite tapas place is Lizarran. You can take cold tapas or wait till the waiters bring you warm tapas. They just keep bringing the warm tapas on a big plate and you can take whatever you want. Smaller tapas are 1,50€ and bigger are 1,80 € or 1,90 €. It’s easy to make tapas at home as well. We did and they were delicious! We had a little tapas party. 😉 We made some sangría, but we didn’t have a bowl, so we made it in a kettle. 😀IMG_20160128_230524

There was a huge party event in Alicante (and all over Spain) on Saturday 6th of February, the carnival. It’s almost the same as Vappu in Finland, except that the main idea is not to get drunk… The main idea is to dress up and have fun. We dressed up like a bunny, leopards, a cat and hmm.. a watermelon. And I was surprised that the Spanish people really put effort for dressing up and many (almost everyone) had a proper outfit. There were kids with their parents even at 12 pm, but after midnight they went home and then the parties were mostly targeted to adults. One of the biggest streets here in Alicante, La Rambla, were full of people dancing and having fun while the DJ was playing. Some people were of course in the bars, but most of the people were on the streets.

You can check some videos in Vimeo. Sorry about the poor quality of the videos. :/ The password is Alicante-2016. There are also some other videos. 🙂

¡¡¡¡¡  !!!!!

It’s so funny that the club culture is so different here than in Finland. In Finland the bars close at 3:30 am, but here the party is just getting started. 😀 Spanish people drink at their homes and go to the bars at 12 pm and leave from there about 2-4 am when the bars close, and then they head to the clubs, which are open from 2 am till 7 am… Hahhhaha we tried to go to the club, but we were so tired that we couldn’t. But last Saturday we finally went, because it was my birthday, but I’m going to write another post about that. 😛

♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦    ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦

As you know, I play soccer in Finland and Spain is the perfect country to play soccer! I searched for some teams in Alicante and first I was thinking, that maybe I should join to the university team. But I don’t know if they have any proper soccer teams for women, I only saw futsal (fútbol sala) teams. So my Spanish friend (from the university buddy program – I’m going to tell about that later) called there and said that there are try-outs if I want to join the team and I can’t take part to the matches, because the season has started already in last August. So I found one team, called SPA, and I went to see one training near the university. I didn’t want to join the team, because all the girls looked so young. Then I found another team, Inter San Blas, and I watched one soccer training and it looked good, I think they are in the same level as my team in Finland. I was there on Monday (last week) and on Wednesday I went there to train with them. Most Spanish people don’t speak any English, but there are a couple of girls who do in my team. And the coach also speaks a little bit. I thought that the training was from 9pm til 10pm, but after one hour we just had a short break and then we continued. So we finished about 11pm… One of my friend was watching the training and we headed to the bus stop, but then we realized that the buses don’t go so late, so we had to walk home 3,5 km. I was also training on Thursday and the soccer field was nearer so I could walk. One big difference between Finnish soccer and Spanish soccer is the speed. Spanish soccer is faster, but in Finland we use more strength and contact with the body. So I hope I will learn the Spanish way of playing soccer. 🙂



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