Exchange semester in Alicante


This is my first blog ever and I decided to start a blog, because I’m living in Alicante and doing my exchange semester here from January to June 2016. I hope that my relatives, friends and family can read this, even though I’m writing in English. One reason for starting this blog is also my courses in school, University of Alicante. I have three courses where I need my own blog, so I’ll also update some of my studying documents here. And that’s why I have to write in English, so the teachers can read this blog as well. My English is not fluent, but I’ll try my best. 🙂

And in case someone else than my friends are reading this blog, I will tell something about myself. I’m from Finland and I study Tourism Management in Haaga-Helia (Helsinki). I’m 23 years old, but soon 24, because my birthday is 13th of February! I play soccer in a team called KoPSe ( and I have played in the same team for 10 years. We play in the third division.

Since I graduated from high school I decided that when I’m studying in the university, I’ll go abroad to do my exchange semester. Actually Alicante was my fourth option. The first was one university in Madrid, the second was in Sweden and the third one was in Peru. But I believe in faith, so it was meant to be that I’ll study here. My parents own an apartment in Torrevieja, which is a small town near Alicante, about 50 km to south. And they are actually coming here in March. Here are some pictures from Torrevieja, or actually from Orihuela Costa. I don’t live there, because it’s so far away.



So, I would like to share my feelings about this experience (well I have been here for three weeks, but still). When I was in Finland I started to look for apartments. I’m so glad that I found the perfect apartment, which was renovated just before my arrival ( The location is perfect, in the center of Alicante. It takes about 30-40 minutes from here to the university by bus or tram.

Well, we are in Spain so everything doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. My landlords are very nice and they picked me up from the airport. The apartment wasn’t quite ready so I had to spent two nights in a hotel, which they of course paid. The apartment looked so unfinished and I thought they will never get it ready… I wasn’t happy with the situation at all, but I wasn’t alone. Two of my roommates contacted me (I didn’t know them beforehand) and we met at their hostel. I felt so alone and ”homeless” in a new city and I didn’t know anyone, so it was a relief to get to know some Finnish people! So there are five rooms in the apartment, three girls from Finland (including me), one from Mexico and one from Taiwan. I’m blessed to have such amazing roommates! ♥ 20160120_20014720160120_200153.jpg

And here are some pictures after the renovation. There’s no TV in the picture, but we got it a few days ago 🙂 I bought some decoration in to my room, so now it feels more like home. ♥ But they are going to do some fine adjustments in the living room, painting the walls etc.20160122_23570420160122_23571620160128_13195920160128_133755

The first 3 days I didn’t feel so comfortable here in Spain. I didn’t have a culture shock, but I missed home. Not the weather (it’s horrible in Finland), but friends. I have never traveled alone, so being alone in a new city is new for me and that’s why it was uncomfortable at the beginning. I called to my friend and asked how did she survive in her exchange period in the UK and she answered that it takes some time to get comfortable in a new environment, about two weeks in her case. After three days I didn’t feel homesick anymore and I think it’s partly because of the wonderful weather here. I walked 2,5 hours exploring Alicante and fell in love with the city. ♥




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